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Dear 3D people,
I'm both the great, loving fan and creator of the 3D imagery. I have been interested in stereograms and stereo photography (a little bit later) since about 1993. I have a good, old russian "Zenit automat" camera and a "Franka" beam-splitter to shoot 3D. But sometimes I find the three dimensional effect appearing better during shifting the camera horizontally. I sometimes draw stereo pairs and anaglyphs by hand.
Making anaglyphs is way easier with the aid of computer. Manual drawing deserves greater admiration and requires certain drawing abilities.
I use the following software: photoshop and 3dsmax.

If you have any comments, as I mentioned at the main site, please feel free to email me.
I'd like to know if you like my "3D Site", what things would you like to see (that aren't here, yet).
I'd like to show you more pictures, but 2MB is my limit.

Happy 3Ding!

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