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I have created the following pictures using a single camera. Either with the beam-splitter on, or by shifting the camera horizontally. Click on their descriptions to see the pictures in original size.

Full color anaglyphs:
             (.JPG, 410*597, 124kB)    The greatest Cuckoo Clock in the world. Wiesbaden, Germany.

             (.JPG, 350*540, 62.6kB)   Frank, a friend of mine, in the swimming pool in Celle, Germany.

     (.JPG, 579*484, 110.3kB) The place where marl was excavated. Hannover, Germany.

     (.JPG, 466*328, 99.2kB)   View from the famous bridge in Luxembourg.

            (.JPG, 472*650, 134.1kB)  The statue of  I-don't-know-who in Wiesbaden, Germany.

            (.JPG, 330*488, 121.4kB)  House in Wiesbaden, Germany.

     (.JPG, 655*441, 183.4kB)  Toy-trains at the railway-station. Wiesbaden, Germany.

             (.JPG, 335*485, 95.3kB)    That's me again, in Oliwa park, Gdansk, Poland.


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